august 5, 2016


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  1. Martin Zepeda

    I enjoyed many times here and made a few cool friends . I am disappointed with the owners girlfriend her name is Angie . Myself I am disabled and have controlled depression . I have a bachelor degree in business and as regional manager I increased productivity . This girl is out of line and should not be allowed to be there I would fire her she has no REGUARD for her coworkers or this nice place . Months ago I was about to order a beer and she flipped out because I didn’t know the menu haha and I took 30 seconds to long to decide which to order in forty years I have never received this idiotic hospitality .I didn’t speak to her and I like and respect the owner so I said nothing about it , months later she lightened up but I have watched her with simular rude actions also shortchanging other people then arguing with them including myself . The last night I was there I had half of my beer and she 86ed me !? Never in my life at many happening bars have I been kicked out of a place I think that was funny . She accused me of being drunk then lied to my bouncer friend and said I told her about my sex life ? I would never do that because I respect her boyfriend the owner ? I never get drunk ever ! So this rude chick owes me a beer and the tip she did not deserve one bit . She lost the my business and with no REGUARD for the tips the cool bartenders always got from me or the business my friends could have given them . I miss the people and good times there but not Angie , she’s a little Bi#@h !

    August 6, 2016 at 12:59 pm

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